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Vehicle Seatbelt

$ 15
The safety of one's pets is the utmost responsibility they have upon themselves. They can do anything to protect their pets even if it costs anything. So, to make your travels easy, we present to you this seatbelt. This seatbelt is what will keep your pet in place and will ensure their safety. Now, you don't have to look back, again and again, to see what your pet is at because you always know that they are safely tied to their seat. Features:
  • Material: FIBER
  • Length: About 43-74 cm
  • Width: 2.5 cm

USB Charged LED Dog Collar

$ 18
Are you afraid of taking your dog outside in the dark by fear that you will lose sight of him? Cozzy Dog Clothes™️ has got you covered. This LED silicon neckband is the solution. The  collar has LED'S  fitted inside which makes it glow in dark. You will never again loose track of your pet.   ⚠️.  ⚠️  ⚠️   note: Please ensure to select proper size, then TYPE/COLOUR of collar you wish to receive as one type is USB rechargeable and the other is a replaceable flat CR type battery. Features:
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink
  • Charge Time:  30 Minutes
  • Glow Time: 60 - 120 Minutes
  • Charge Type: USB (or Cr Flat Type battery)

4G New Arrival Top Quality Pet GPS Tracker Collar for Dogs Waterproof

$ 186

You asked for it and we listened!

CozzyDogClothes™️ Introduces the newly arrived 4G Network GPS tracker

 OS Support:

operating system 2.3 and above on Android system, IOS 5.0 and above on Apple Products

Call function:

two way talk/SOS calling/ white list/ do not disturb mode

Language support :

English, and Multiple other languages

Position acquisition:

GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning Support


Cool start 26 seconds positioning

Power management:

Ultra-low power consumption , intelligent dormancy

one key SOS ,Press SOS key, automatic dial-up number Smart Geo-fence :

Can automatically alarm you when in/out of range

Travel History :

Can check three months' historical route

Wireless upgrading :

On the go remote upgrading, remote debugging maintenance


This is a 4G network GPS tracking device which requires a SIM card and subscription with a local data provider in order to function as advertised and send you the exact GPS location of tracker.

This Package includes:


-Tracker Sleeve

-GPS Tracker

-Charging station

Slow eating Folding Silicone Pet Travel Bowl

$ 18
Is your dog constantly eating his meal in a breeze without taking time to slow down and chew properly? We at CozzyDogClothes™️ listened to your concerns and dozens of people are already raving about these durable and practical bowls. Grab yours today!

Waterproof Car Seat Cover

$ 48
This waterproof car seat cover is like an upgraded version of your ordinary back cover! It is greater in size and finest in the quality. With its 143cmx128cm width and length, it easily covers the rear seat of every car. It is waterproof, so whatever mess your dog makes, it turns out to be easily washable at the end of the day! It also comes with a middle seat belt and arm-rest. This mat is an essential product for every pet owner as it saves your time and efforts, and you can sit back and enjoy traveling with your pets rather than frowning about it. So, don't wait anymore and order one right now for your next vacation!

Cowhide Molar Bone

$ 9
Dogs love chewing bonesss! It's no secret, we have always seen in cartoons, movies and in real life that you throw them a bone and they go all crazy in love! Why not give them the love that they need in their lives? This pet toy bone is made of cowhide leather, and it is a perfect treat for them. It is super safe to chew, easy to clean, and it provides some nutrients to the molar teeth as well!

10 Rolls Poop Bags 2000 Bags (Mixed Color)

$ 24
A real issue with having pets might be the fact that they might be messy. It is challenging to train them to use a bathroom, and that is why they can cause a lot of litter which might be difficult to manage but not anymore. These poop disposal bags are the answer to all your pet litter issues. They are strong and dispensable and can also be sealed and thrown without leaving any foul smell behind. They are the groundbreaker in animal product history. Features:
  • Capacity Weight: 5kg
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 10 rolls,20 pieces bags per roll